German premium brand Hugo Boss has teamed up with virtual try-on (VTO) provider Reactive Reality to launch a virtual reality fitting room that lets online guests try on clothes with personal avatars, and is available first in Germany, the UK and France.

Shoppers can try on thousands of products through personalized mannequins created by Reactive Reality’s PITCTOFiT platform.

These mannequins can be edited to fit each consumer's exact body size, giving them an accurate idea of ​​whether the garment will fit. "We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Hugo Boss," Stefan Hauswiesner, CEO and co-founder of Reactive Reality, said in a statement.

"As we all know, the global pandemic has greatly accelerated the fashion retail market, and we want to help retailers keep up with consumer demand with new and exciting ways to shop online."

"Understandably, some consumers may still not be reassured or yet be able to venture into brick and mortar stores, so our technology, which can be integrated into any online store or shopping app, provides the perfect solution for both parties."

Originally published on and translated and edited by Hong Qing