On December 5, 2021, CDFG and Max Mara opened the 70th anniversary outdoor limited-time concept store in Sanya International Duty Free City. CDFG, as the exclusive retailer of China's travel retail channel during the Max Mara 70th anniversary pop-up store tour, perfectly presented the Max Mara 70th anniversary birthday party and Max Mara 70th anniversary capsule series products in Sanya International Duty Free City, offering consumers Bring a unique new experience.

The Max Mara brand was founded in 1951 by Achille Maramotti. As a well-known fashion brand in the field of Italian fashion, Max Mara has become one of the symbols of Italian style. Max Mara is the epitome of Italian luxury and style, dedicated to providing high-quality ready-to-wear and accessories for contemporary independent and powerful women. Known for its classic designs and sophisticated fabrics, its classic outerwear, neatly tailored suits and stylish accessories are always available. acclaimed. Traditional tailoring, luxurious fabrics, innovative designs, international taste, modernity and elegant status are the hallmarks of the Max Mara collection.

Max Mara

The 70th anniversary outdoor limited-time concept store of Max Mara in Sanya International Duty Free City has created a lively and unique birthday theme party. The protagonists of the party are the brand's cartoon image TEDDY bear and new family members. The outdoor limited-time concept store uses large-scale beautiful and witty check-in points to create a sense of fun and freshness, allowing consumers to have a unique shopping experience in Sanya International Duty Free City.

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Max Mara launched 7 70th anniversary capsule series T-shirts, each of which is from the creative ingenuity of well-known artists. In addition, the 70th anniversary capsule series will also add the three most iconic classic coats of the Max Mara brand - 101801, Ludmilla coat and teddy bear coat, plus the recognizable 1951 words, combining the fashionable and classic Max Mara brand. Combined, it brings consumers a bright new feeling.

Max Mara
CDFG and Max Mara brand cooperation began in September 2014. CDFG introduced its first Max Mara duty-free store to Sanya International Duty Free City. Since then, CDFG has continued to deepen the cooperative relationship with Max Mara. In 2020, the Max Mara boutique in Sanya International Duty Free City will be renovated. The upgraded new store has created a more comfortable shopping experience, which is deeply loved by consumers. By the end of 2022, CDFG and the Max Mara brand are expected to jointly open three boutique duty-free stores in Hainan.

The grand opening of Max Mara's 70th anniversary outdoor limited-time concept store not only marks the further upgrade of the cooperation between CDFG and the Max Mara brand, but also fully demonstrates CDFG's industry leadership in the field of duty-free boutiques. In the future, with the strong support of the parent company China Tourism Group, CDFG will further strengthen communication and exchanges with global brands, explore new spaces and new practices in the duty-free market, and continue to provide consumers with cutting-edge and comfortable shopping experience. The prosperity and development of the travel retail market will contribute more.

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