It is unbelievable that the white vest has become the new favorite of designers.

In the 2022 autumn and winter fashion week that just passed, the white vest seems to be one of the most popular items. Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons embellished the inverted triangle logo on the chest and matched it with a knee-length skirt made of tulle, lace and shiny fabrics.


Matthieu Blazy, the new creative director of Bottega Veneta, is also a lover of white vests.

Unlike Prada's superimposing technique, he chose to match it with more relaxed blue washed jeans. When the image is simple and neat, the bags and shoes made of the Intrecciato weaving technique become the most complex pieces of the whole look, and the point is immediately highlighted.

Bottega Veneta

On the Sacai and Acne Studios shows, white vests were paired with voluminous bottoms.

Chitose Abe used a satin-trimmed gauze striped white vest, paired with black wide-leg trousers, for a capable and powerful image. Acne Studios runs white throughout the body, and the high-waisted trousers are decorated with buckled belts, avoiding the monotony that a large area of ​​solid color may bring.


Acne Studios

Considering that these pieces usually don't hit store shelves for half a year, impatient fashion lovers pulled out the white vests from their wardrobes early. After all, the spring and summer seasons that are most suitable for wearing white vests have arrived.

White vests are the most common item in the wardrobe and can be found in stores from fast-fashion brands such as Uniqlo and Gap. But that doesn't mean it's easy to match. The reality is often that the simpler the silhouette is, the more thought it takes to match it. If you don't wear a white vest properly, it will turn into an old man's undershirt if you're not careful.

Looking back on past street photography, the best way to wear a white vest is to wear it with an equally stylish coat. A simple blazer is an option you can't go wrong with. Bella Hadid wears a light gray long suit jacket with a white vest, wearing a free and easy effect with a neutral temperament.

Actor Barbara Valente paired a heavier black long coat with a white vest, perfect for this moment when too much is hot and too little is cold. Tuck the white vest into the trousers and embellish it with a belt, which is neat and handsome, and at the same time lengthens the line of the legs.

Bella Hadid

Barbara Valente

If you are confident enough in your dressing ability, when the weather is hot, please put on the white vest directly.

Wearing jeans with a white vest like the models on the Bao Diejia show is the most classic look of this item, showing a strong summer retro style. If you are looking for details, you can look for something like Jacquemus, which uses a wraparound knitting technique on the shoulder straps to highlight the leisurely holiday feel.


Wearing leather pants in the humid and hot summer is obviously not an easy task, but it is also the choice of many people when pairing it with a white vest.

The white vest is simple in shape but inevitably looks light and thin, and the slightly thick and shiny appearance of the leather pants can neutralize it. If you make a fuss about accessories such as bags, the image of the handsome motorcycle girl will be highlighted immediately.


It is worth mentioning that although the white vest is favored by many designers at the moment, it has not been a long time for it to become a trendy item.

For a long time, the function of the white vest is similar to that of underwear, and it is worn in private occasions at home. The earliest vests worn in public may date back to the early 20th century, when women used a more conservative vest as swimwear. However, with the change of social thoughts, wearing vests has gradually become the exclusive use of men.

One theory is that early Italian immigrants to the U.S. were keen to wear white vests while doing manual labor to avoid getting their coats wet. Italian immigrants were the representatives of the American working class for much of the 20th century. Therefore, white vests are also linked to the bottom workers and are very classy clothes.

In 1947, James Hartford Jr from Detroit. He was arrested by the police after the death of his wife due to domestic violence. The photo of him wearing a white vest was widely reported, which made the white vest look bad.

This influence is far-reaching, Malone in the movie "A Streetcar Named Desire". Brando played a rude and violent low-level worker. The look in a dirty white vest has become a classic in film history. It is considered to be a powerful character and a foil for Vivien. The tragic fate of Li's character.

But in the subsequent mathematical cultural movement, the underlying color of the white vest made it a pursuit. For fringe queer groups and feminists, this masculine piece was a vehicle for discontent and rebellion. And many pioneering designers who pay attention to subcultural groups have also begun to bring white vests to the exhibition stand.

Compared with the past, white vests have become a single product of great universal value. In a sense, this shows the changes in the trend of the times and culture, and it is also a symbol that fashion affects social concepts and promotes the development of multiple values.